LED Fluorescente Replacement

Complement any commercial, municipal or residential environment with our LED products, we offer you versatility and ease of installation to allow a wide range of custom configurations.

LED Recessed Lights

Combine efficiency and elegance for your projects with our certified LED Products.

Outdoor LED Lights

LED wall packs, floods, and roadway lighting provide superior visibility and lumen maintenance for improved safety and reliability over traditional outdoor HID technology. Whether providing security for the home, or general nighttime illumination for business exteriors, each unit guarantees a minimum 5 years of savings on energy and bulb replacements. All items are made in the USA, with select DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List options, to ensure high performance, dependability, and rapid payback for commercial, industrial and municipal building projects.

LED High Bays / Low Bays

Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bay lighting is a reliable, money-saving alternative to the HID luminaires traditionally used in warehouses, parking garages, stadiums, and other spaces with higher ceilings.
Our LED high bays and low bays are designed to improve safety, visibility, and overall quality of light in all commercial/industrial settings with mounting heights ranging from 20' (low bay) to 50' (high bay) up. Each unit is made in the USA for the quality assured by our 5 year warranty.

LED Light Bulbs

LED replacements for halogen spot light bulbs. Very low heat output helps lower utility bills.  Ideal light bulbs for recessed cans, track lighting and more.

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